Royce is a 16 year-old Melbourne based songwriter.

In 2018 Royce released her debut tracks ‘Cold air’, ‘Vegas’, ‘Casual’ and ‘Down’. ‘Cold Air’ as well as ‘Casual’ received a lot of love as Royce’s first releases. She was named in the Triple J unearthed high 2018 yearbook as “most likely to co-write with Billie Eilish”.

Working with the talented producers of M Squared and Frank Dixon, Royce is releasing four new songs to kick off the new year of her music. All are a bit different but have a strong unabashed pop sensibility and continue to show off the talents of this up-and-coming young Australian talent.

'Complicated' is her latest release and was included in Spotify editorial playlists New Music Fridays AU/NZ and